Rent with Pets

Rent with Pets

Rent with Pets is the UK’s first property rental portal that advertises and promotes properties that allow for families and individuals with pets.

Making pet owners welcome

This project began with branding and brand identity. We conducted some surveys, along with the client, and found that the majority of their intended website traffic would be female – so we began to work on a logo and colour scheme that would match that demographic.

Once that was agreed and completed, we began the design of the website to ensure that the brand identity was continued throughout the customers engagement with the brand. And then that bespoke web design was developed in full.

The website is built with three core audiences in mind: renters, agents and landlords. For that, we created multiple user profiles within the site and each profile had its own user journey through the site. This includes preferences and settings based on your user profiles as well as access to specific features for each. Landlords and agents can upload properties available, whereas renters can view and express interest in those properties.

As this is also an e-commerce solution, payment processing integration and automated email communications were also built into the site – with pricing ranging from premium to premium to bespoke and different site access available for each.

The client said

"Once again, thank you for all your help with the branding and design of our site."

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