Muslim Sports Foundation

Muslim Sports Foundation

Muslim Sports Foundation is a national grassroots organisation seeking to improve, guide and facilitate Muslims to implement healthy, active lifestyles.

Improving your digital impact

Muslim Sports Foundation (MSF) approached Arren Marketing to audit the organisation’s marketing output. The organisation lacked in-house marketing expertise and wanted professional guidance on what needed improving.

We started our work from the top for MSF and that began with their branding. Having looked at their current proposition, we felt that the brand needed refreshing and brought in line with how a national organisation should look.

And we started with their logo. Our designers conducted market research on similar organisations to MSF and began sketching a new identity. The concept was to marry modern typography, a sports element and an underthread of an Islamic ethos to the logo.

To do this, we created an emblem for the organisation made up of their initials intertwined with one another: MSF. It also depicted the shape of a falcon, a bird known as the fastest animal alive (denoted for its speed, agility and vision) and also used by Islamic scholars as a metaphor to demonstrate the high and lofty nature of someone or something when compared to others. We believed this perfectly encapsulated the aspirations of MSF and felt it was the perfect message for their rebrand.

Once the MSF brand was finalised, we worked on MSF’s delivery arm: Ansar. For this, the brief was clearer – modernise the existing design.

Our designer redrew the entire logo – from the dome used in the emblem to the shape of the badge to the stars. A more modern font was used for the text and a more professional veneer was applied to the logo presentation.

The client said

"We asked Arren Marketing to come up with ideas to help us tell the story of the Muslim Sports Foundation to our community, colleagues, media, digital influencers, partners and stakeholders through the design of a new logo, rebrand and help with our Active Sunnah social media campaign. The result was the perfect way to tell our story in a meaningful way. Arren Marketing’s creative direction really stood out demonstrating how well they had gotten to know our organisation, taking the time to learn all about us, where we are now and what we want to achieve. We have received many compliments about our fresh new look with an overwhelming amount of people and organisations providing feedback and compliments, interacting with and sharing our campaign. Arren Marketing navigated the multiple stakeholders and contributors with ease, delivering on time, on budget and beyond all expectations. It has been a pleasure working with them and we hope that this is the start of a long and happy relationship with such a great, professional, innovative team."

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