Mixtio are one of the UK’s leading contract manufacturing and co-packing businesses. As a relatively new player in the industry, they wanted to showcase a modern and dynamic veneer for their organisation.

A cooler look for a corporate brand

Arren Marketing rose to the challenge and relayed that the visual identity of Mixtio needed to be upgraded. We then focused on three key areas – photography, videography and their website design/functionality. A day was scheduled where the Arren Marketing team visited the Mixtio HQ and undertook a whole days worth of photography and recorded a series of videos. These were then edited and produced to help aid the creation of a younger, cooler aesthetic to the group.

Once those were complete, we moved onto the site design. With the organisation branding in mind, and utilising the recent photography created, our designers got down to creating the site design. As the ultimate aim of the organisation is to generate leads, relevant and well placed calls to actions were added to the site to help achieve that goal.

Dynamic design

The site now houses pages for all the services that the organisation has, news and advice on the latest business and industry trends, client testimonials, careers and a multitude of animations to aid the dynamic nature that the Mixtio team want to present.

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The client said

"Arren Marketing have done a brilliant job from start to finish. As a company that was looking to stand out from the competition, Arren Marketing helped us achieve just that, with contemporary layouts and interactive elements. The team gave so much helpful guidance when it came to usability of the website for our customers. It was great to see our vision come to life and we would definitely recommend Arren Marketing to anyone who is looking to create a professional website."

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