Indie Wrestler

Indie Wrestler

A tap-based mobile game for wrestling fans of all ages. The aim is simple, create your character and make them the wrestling champion of the world.

A mobile game, web development and video project

From creation to completion this project included everything from branding, web development, and video production. We began by creating the logo which led to the identity of the rest of the brand and the design of the app itself.

Then we turned our attention to the artwork within the app. Starting with hand drawn concept art, we created 3D characters and 3D modeling. Then we created storyboards to ensure the game flowed and there were ample opportunities to monetise the app.

Once the scene was set, we coded the app using Unity for both ios and Android. This process included testing the game on several devices, with varying degrees of RAM to ensure the game worked smoothly for all, and handling the publishing to both Android Play and iOS Stores.

Informative, branded web design

Next we turned our attention to the website. The app needed a website to provide more information about the game, its features, and how to play. On the site you’ll also find an FAQ section and contact details to get in touch with the developers.

The website is fully branded to match the visuals of the app, creating a seamless experience for game players.

A holistic solution

This project was a top-to-bottom piece of work from Arren Marketing. The work ranged from the clearly visible deliverables, such as app design and development to the website design and development to the photography, to the not-so-obvious deliverables such as branding, social media marketing, online advertising and consultancy. We’re very pleased to have delivered such an extensive digital, tech and marketing solution for this really fun project.

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The client said

"We're delighted with the end result of this game. We had thousands of downloads over the first two days only and the response to it has been overwhelmingly positive across the board."

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