Dirty Wild Wings

Dirty Wild Wings

Dirty Wild Wings is a gourmet fried chicken virtual brand. With no physical stores themselves, the business were looking for a website that would help raise awareness of their brand and showcase what products they sell.

Making birds fly

The first thing that DWW were looking for was branding. Armed with a logo and an idea, they approached us and asked to run with an idea to showcase their food and help the stand out from the competition. To do that, we created a super vibrant orange aesthetic for the website and cut off images of their food to use on the site.

As a virtual brand, locations from where customers can purchase their food is super important. So we’ve created a dynamic locations section within the website – allowing users to browse, contact and order from individual locations. As an ambition national brand, DWW were also keen to describe their franchising options for interested parties. In order to help that conversation, we created a franchise form on the site with details going directly to the business to follow up on.

The client said

"Really happy with the website. For a virtual brand, our online presence is super important and the website from Arren Marketing helps us tell our brand story extremely well."

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