County Connect

County Connect

Sporting Connect, in conjunction with Surrey FA, were looking to launch an online job board that would allow clubs to advertise their roles and professionals to apply directly to them.

A collaborative effort

We got involved with the project at conception as we worked with both Sporting Connect and the Surrey FA to outline what their website should do, how it should work and how it should look. This meant that we were able to guide the conversation from a digital perspective while ensuring that we were delivering a project that the client needed.

From there, we designed a couple of bespoke web concepts for the business to choose from, with the preferred concept designed in full.

The website is built with two core audiences in mind: clubs and professionals. For that, we created multiple user profiles within the site and each profile had its own user journey through the site. This includes preferences and settings based on your user profiles and access to specific features for each.

The website is also e-commerce as it has free and premium users, with a paywall disabling viewable information to non-premium users, and includes multiple other features such as search filters, a dynamic upload job area, automated system communications, PayPal integration, and more.

The client said

"Arren Marketing went above and beyond to develop a website that was not only in line with the original specification – but also were proactive in improving other areas of the website we hadn’t considered during the build process. They took a real sense of pride in delivering the best possible solution. I was extremely happy with the end product and the account management of the project as a whole. Communication was clear and concise throughout the whole process, and allowed me to focus on running the business day-to-day. They took the time to listen and deliver on our objectives and took genuine pride in delivering a quality end product."

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