B1 Counselling

B1 Counselling

B1 Counselling are cognitive behaviour therapist (CBT) specialists with a focus on providing counselling for immigrants. They approached Arren Marketing to create a website to help them launch their services.

A serene design for a serene business

After speaking to the client, we decided to create a one pager to showcase the business and the services that they provide counselling for. Due to the nature of the business, a light and safe colour scheme was chosen for the site.

From a content perspective, the website introduces CBT therapy as well as some information about B1 Consultancy itself. Beyond that, you can find information on some of the main reasons that people would consider CBT therapy and the possibility to book a consultation with a certified therapist.

One of the main successes of this project was the quick turnaround. From concept to live, it took roughly 3 weeks – allowing the directors to launch their business in super fast time.

The client said

"Stunning. So pleased. Thank you Rehan. I'm so pleased I went with you and your team on this project."

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