Anime Explained

Anime Explained

Anime Explained is a news website that is the sister company of one of the world’s largest anime YouTube channels and hosts news, trivia, videos and detailed lists articles from the anime and manga world.

Saying Kon'nichiwa to
the world of anime

Anime Balls Deep is one of the world’s biggest YouTube channels, with over 1.6m subscribers and their daily videos regularly doing over 300k views. The ABD team were looking to diverse their digital output and felt a website was the next natural transition. Hence, Anime Explained was born – sharing the latest news and opinions on the world of anime and manga.

As a news website, the pages that will garner the most views are the article pages themselves. So we had to design an attractive article page style that would allow the team to showcase a number of different features, from image carousels to quotes to different heading styles, as well as display the information visibly and clearly.

To add a little bit of variety, we developed a dark/light mode to the website so that users can choose either a black or white background for the site. Anime Explained also features videos from their YouTube channel and so we devised a way to categorise the different content types and ensured a simple user journey so that readers can find the content they want quickly and easily.

The Client said

"Overall we love it. It already looks like the best anime blog site out there haha. The site looks and works amazingly - S tier."

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